Pro Tower Mfg. has the ability to design, acquire engineering approval, and fabricate custom mounting solutions for a variety of customers. We stay in constant contact with each customer during each project to ensure we produce a product that meets all requirements.

The 3 sector antenna mounting assembly installation for a guyed tower displayed, is just one example of how Pro Tower Mfg is capable of designing to a customers needs. Our 3 sector custom antenna mount was created to be installed with ease to three different tower types (Guyed Towers, Monopoles, and Self-supporters). Pro Tower Mfg also always considers the installation process of each project as well. We design to include interchangeable components to ensure that all material sent out is all that you need, eliminating all confusion for those involved in in the installation process. These mounts provide the ability to find azimuth in a variety of different ways. Each sector’s sliding brackets allow for tilt rearward/forward 4 degrees from plumb. We also designed the antenna panel weldments to swing inward/outward to allow for more azimuth reaching capabilities. With a project this large we were very fortunate enough to receive feedback from our customer during installations when unforeseen problems required alterations or add-on kits to our existing designs. Our goal is always to get you exactly what you need.



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