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Some of Our Components

Universal Pipe Mounts

• Sliding brackets for adjustable tower attachments
• Antenna pipe sold separately (multiple pipe sizes can be used, please see assembly description)
• All components Hot-dip galvanized

(Customized upon request)

Cable Mounting Brackets

Our cable mounting brackets provide support to multiple coaxial runs.

(Customized upon request)

3 Sector Snub-Nose Platform Kits

Provides additional stability for the antenna mounts as well as extra safety for workers.

(Customized upon request)

Lightweight Stand-Off Frames

Provides for mounting omnidirectional antennas.
Stand-off foot kits sold separately from frames.
• Hot-dip galvanized

(Customized upon request)

Working with us


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Our Projects

Rooftop Antennas, Toyota Center in Houston

PRO Tower Mfg is a leader in the fabrication of many types of custom designs.  One of our projects is on ...

Flagpole Antenna Applications

PRO Tower Mfg. has a large inventory available of standard antenna mounting solutions for monopoles, self-support towers, guyed towers, water towers, ...

Concealed Antennas

Pro Tower Mfg. can take “hidden” cell or radio antennas to an exceedingly high level by working diligently with your team, ...

Custom Antenna Mounts for Aviation Industry

Pro Tower Mfg. has the ability to design, acquire engineering approval, and fabricate custom mounting solutions for a variety of customers. ...