Flagpole with an antenna insidePRO Tower Mfg. has a large inventory available of standard antenna mounting solutions for monopoles, self-support towers, guyed towers, water towers, and building structures.  While many of these products are very visible, one of our unique products is a concealed flagpole solution.  This flagpole can be placed in front of a business and tied into electrical conduit below it.One of the benefits of a flagpole antenna is the concealed property.  Many people don’t even realize it’s there, even with a large flag attached to it.  They can be placed in front of a business, town square or park without infringing on the natural beauty of the area.

The flagpole shroud seen here is local to Albuquerque and can be found at Tramway and Central.  It is placed close to the road, and services many local businesses with an LTE antenna inside.